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There is an abundance of great outdoor spaces to enjoy that each possess beautiful surroundings. However, there are none as delightful as Royden Park & Thurstaston Common, blessed with the most natural of beauty and fascinating history.

Royden Park & Thurstaston Common stretch across 250 acres of land that includes woodlands, meadows, fields and a lake. Roodee Mere, is where visitors can find keen fishermen, resting along the side as they wait for their latest catch. Licences can be acquired through the Association of Wirral Angling Clubs.

Although there is enough natural beauty to keep visitors occupied for hours, on special occasions, the park hosts events such as arts and craft fairs. 

Five Quick Facts

1 The combined areas of Royden Park and Thurstaston Common are around 250 acres. 2 The fireplace in the Great Hall of Hillbark Hotel was taken from Sir Walter Raleigh’s house and dates to 1527.  3 Thurstaston Common has been listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the wildlife found here.  4 There has been evidence found in this area to show that it was a desert in the Triassic Period, around 251 million years ago.  5 Sir Ernest Royden, who lived at Hillbark, was an owner of the Indra Line, a shipbuilder. During the Second World War, he gave areas of the house away to evacuated orphans and set up camp outside the home. 

Things To Do

There are plenty of walks and trails that visitors can embark on including the Woodland and Heathland Walk, allowing visitors to explore the vast space. A walk up to Thurstaston Hill offers unrivalled views across the River Dee and Welsh Mountains, a particular stunning setting to watch the sunset.

Visitors can explore Thor’s Rock on Thurstaston Common, where legend has it that Viking’s used to worship. Its reddish hue is said to have come from the blood of human sacrifices to appease the Gods.

For a little more relaxation and less adventure, the walled garden at Royden Park is like a secret garden, hidden away from the general area with its own sense of serenity and charm. This area offers the perfect place to take a minute or two away from the crowds to rewind and reflect. The stunning Laburnum Arch is beautifully picturesque and allows visitors to enjoy a walk through the shaded tunnel.

At the top of Royden Park is the Hillbark Hotel & Spa, a stunningly splendid 19th-century building that was once home to two of the Wirral’s most successful families. Although its original location was on Bidston Hill, after it was sold to Sir Ernest Royden in 1928, it was deconstructed and brick-by-brick was rebuilt on Royden Park.    

For young families, the park provides an excellent space for children to play deep in the heart of nature and safely away from the road. With the vast fields, walled gardens and designated walks, there is so much to do to keep children occupied for hours, from delicious picnics to exploration and adventure.

Another great addition for children is the Royden Park Miniature Railway, which takes the children on a trip around the park on a fun train, allowing the young passengers to take in all the beauty of the surroundings.