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The world is a little crazy at the moment, everything seems quite overwhelming with the environment of uncertainty. The COVID-19 virus can not only be damaging to our physical health but also our mental and emotional wellbeing. 

Over the coming weeks, we are likely to be spending a lot more time indoors and experiencing a different lifestyle to what we are used to. It's going to be a tough and challenging time for many. So, along with following government guidelines and NHS advice on reducing the spread, we want to share with you some of our own top tips on keeping our minds healthy at home. After all, us estate agents know a thing or two about homes! 

1. Stick to Routine

If you're having to stay at home, you can soon find yourself climbing the walls. We take routines for granted but they are great to keep your mind in shape!

Stick to a routine, get up of a morning and get dressed as you normally would! You may want to keep your slippers on though...

2. Fresh Food

Now you're at home, you can get a little more creative with your breakfast and lunches. Say 'Hello' to the hob and 'Goodbye' to waiting for the office microwave.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies to help boost your immune system. Once prepped, enjoy your lunch over some fantastic daytime TV...

3. Dedicate Sections of Your Room/Home

When home is now your workplace, it can be easy to feel you're not shutting off after a long day at the office (AKA Dining Table).

Dedicate a section of your room or home for work so you can feel the benefit when you're done.

4. Organise Your Storage

We think organising can be quite therapeutic, getting rid of unnecessary clutter and making space for the things you actually need!

Not only does this feel super good, it often requires a detour down memory lane! Think old photos, school reports and birthday cards!

5. Read/Write

We love nothing more than delving into a good book, but we don't do it often enough! Get those books out that you've been meaning to read for the last decade, grab a cuppa and get lost in the fictional world!

Also, there's nothing stopping you from writing a diary! Getting our thoughts out can be great for mental wellbeing!

6. Speak to People!

Having a fantastic excuse not to socialise with people may have seemed like the dream for the more unsociable of us. However, when you're self-isolating, in quarantine or keeping social distance, it can be quite lonely.

Take advantage of technology, Face Time, Skype, WhatsApp, text or even pick up the phone!

7. Finally, Take Care!

We're sending love and positivity to all, take care of yourself and help those in need when you can!