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Located on the eastern side of the Wirral peninsula, Wallasey is a vast town that is comprised of several districts including New Brighton, Liscard and Seacombe.

With its close distance and great transport links to the vibrant cities of Liverpool and Chester, the area is a popular commuter town. Unlike its fellow peninsula towns on the west side of the Wirral, Wallasey is relatively built up and lacks the green spaces and rural feel that villages just a few miles away from the town.

A short drive to the seaside town of New Brighton, residents in Wallasey are never too far away from spectacular views of the Liverpool skyline and the Irish Sea.

Five Quick Facts about Wallasey

An old photo of Liscard Hall 1 Built in the 19th century, the stunning Liscard Hall that once stood in Central Park was built for Sir John Tobin. Although knighted, his pursuits would now be considered wholly unethical and immoral. Tobin captained several slave ships and dealt with the trade of palm oil in Africa.  A man sculpts a piece of wood 2 Paul Hollywood, Celebrity Chef on The Great British Bake Off, was born in Wallasey. Hollywood attended the Mosslands School and then went onto study sculpture at the Wallasey School of Art, which was based at Liscard Hall in Central Park.   The Mersey Ferry pictured crossing the Mersey 3 Seacombe in Wallasey is one of the three ports for the Mersey Ferry, along with the Liverpool Pier Head and Birkenhead Woodside terminal. Gerry & The Pacemakers sang about the traditional Liverpudlian experience in their hit song Ferry Across the Mersey.  Six is spelt out on dice 4 The world’s first ever surviving female sextuplets grew up in Wallasey. The Walton Sextuplets, as they are known, were born after their parents’ thirteenth attempt at treatment for fertility after having struggled to conceive for several years.  Slightly Blurred Image of a Motorway 5 The Kingsway Tunnel which connects Wallasey with Liverpool was opened in the 1970s after the Queensway Tunnel became extremely busy. On average, the Kingsway Tunnel carries 45,000 vehicles a day. 

Lifestyle & Activities

As a built-up area, residents of Wallasey make the most of the beautiful Central Park, right in the heart of the town. This stunning piece of land is set over fifty acres, filled with the most beautiful natural scenery of trees, green space and a large pond where you can find many ducks enjoying the calm waters.

The family-friendly park has football and cricket pitches as well as a multi-use games area, making it a popular destination at weekends. For those who are interested in fitness, Central Park has a twelve-piece fitness trail along with a one-kilometre woodland run, allowing local residents to work out in the most stunning of surroundings, regardless of seasonal changes.
Once part of the estate of Liscard Hall and continues to sit in its fifty-seven acres of land, although the hall had to be demolished after a fire gutted its interior in 2008. Despite its absence, the park is still a hub for the local community. The Friends of Central Park are a group of volunteers who work to raise money for the upkeep of the walled garden and the Everyone’s Café. 

Located on the borders of Central Park is the Parkfield Liscard Cricket Club, offering a great pitch for keen cricketers to play. When members join, there are three active teams that play at Liscard, competing with fellow cricket clubs in the region. The club also plays host to All Stars Cricket, a nationwide initiative for children between the ages of five and eight, introducing them to the sport.

For those who enjoy partaking in other sports, the Wallasey Rugby Club based on Leasowe Road is a great way to keep fit and experience the competitive sport. Whether a beginner or seasoned player, the club welcomes all abilities. From two senior teams to four junior teams, joining this club could eventually become a hobby for both parents and children to enjoy.

Finally, located on the same stretch of road as Wallasey Rugby Club, Ashville Football Club has a variety of teams for prospective members to join. From the first team to the girls’ team and youth team, joining the club is a great way for all the family to get fit together. 

Community Soul

For those who are new to the area, a visit to Community Soul coffee shop is a must. As a Christian and Community project run by volunteers, everyone here is more than accustomed to welcoming those who may not have a wide social group.

Whilst striving to serve top-notch espresso-based coffee, loose leaf tea, homemade cakes and freshly prepared lunch. The coffee shop hosts regular events that bring the community together, from knitting groups to live music nights and fundraising events. Having transformed the graffiti'd back alley into a beautiful outdoor area named the Eden Garden, this place is a little piece of paradise in the heart of Wallasey Village.

Address - Community SOUL, 117 Wallasey Village, Wallasey CH45 3LF

Telephone - 0151 345 7164

Social Media - Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

Schools in Wallasey

As the town of Wallasey covers quite a large area of the eastern peninsula, there are an abundance of schools for parents to consider for both primary and secondary education.

With a rating of ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, Liscard Primary School on Withens Lane is a highly sought-after school. Providing care and education from children of pre-school age to those who are in the final year of their Key Stage 2 learning, the school offers a varied curriculum throughout each school year and pupils here perform higher than the national average in English and Mathematics. As an expert centre for the Global Learning Programme, Liscard Primary School is a leader in the teachings of Social, More, Spiritual and Cultural Education.

Just over the other side of the Liscard is the St. George’s Primary School, which has more pupils than the average British primary school. Having launched new curriculums in late 2017, the school has focused on improving the students’ English Literature and Mathematic skills, with pupils performing on the national average for both Reading and Mathematics. Along with the standard curriculum subjects, the school also hosts the Forest School, getting children out and about into the local green spaces to explore the great outdoors.

For those parents who are looking for a church school education for their children, the St. Peter & St. Paul Roman Catholic Primary School is a popular choice. Located at the top of the eastern peninsula, the school is just a few minutes’ walk away from the bustling area of New Brighton.
Other primary schools in the area include Park Primary School and St. Alban’s Roman Catholic Primary School, amongst many others.

Despite its vast amount of primary schools, Wallasey is home to just four secondary schools but this small and impressive list makes it a tough choice for parents with children leaving their primary school education years.

The Weatherhead High School based on Breck Road, considers itself to be one of the top performing state schools in the country and has a rating of ‘Outstanding’ in each area of its most recent Ofsted report. The academy is an all-girls school, although the school open the sixth form up to both female and male students from across the region. The curriculum consists of the core subjects and the creative subjects including Modern Foreign Languages, in which pupils learn Spanish, French and German.

Mosslands School provides education for boys and has been rated as a ‘Good’ school by Ofsted. The school was the first in the region to be classed as a centre of excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, or STE@M school. The curriculum offers a varied range of teachings from Construction and Resistant Materials to Computer Science and Business Studies. Other secondary schools include St. Mary’s Catholic College and the Oldershaw Academy.